1. VTA: World Tours (a preview of famous cities in one day, much efficient, promise many overlaid selfies/snapshots after the tour with albums) partner with real travel agencies; VTA 世界之旅 (著名的城市,在一天之内,十分有效的预览承诺很多与册页游后覆盖拍照/快照) 合作伙伴与真正的旅行社;
  2. VTA: University/Campus Tours (data available, if the grandparents are paying the tuition, they better get virtual tours) partner with college-prep/visa center. Appy an app of AnyBots >>> to go into classrooms, museums, and offices (remote job interview); VTA大学/校园游 (数据可用,如果祖父母交学费,他们更好地得到虚拟旅游) 和大学预科/签证中心合作。快乐的 AnyBots 程序  进入教室,博物馆和办公室 (远程面试;)
  3. VTA: Healthy Walking/Run (we install software/data (geo-coded video/virtual coach) from Virtual Active Fitness >>>) partner with health clubs/sports centers; VTA健康步行/运行 (我们从虚拟积极健身安装软件/数据 (地理编码视频/虚拟教练) > > >) 搭档健康俱乐部/运动中心;
  4. VTA: Outdoors and Camping (you don't need to wait for Aurora in the cold, or brave enough to climb the rock) partner with elder/retirement centers. You could join me for a sailing tour around the world; VTA户外露营 (不需要等待极光在寒冷,或者足够的勇气去攀登岩石)合作和与长辈/退休中心。你可以和我一起为帆船环游世界;
  5. VTA: Special/Live/Rare Events (you are getting the front roll-seat as paired with a friend at the event with google glasses), through web-services to your phone apps; VTA特别/活/稀罕事件 (越来越作为成对辊前座和一个朋友在与谷歌眼镜的事件),通过 web 服务对您手机的应用程序;
  6. VTA: Dining/Food Tasting (placed in a private/function room in a restaurant, travelers can walk in Paris, then get a French cuisine); VTA餐厅的食物品尝 (放置在一个私营/功能房间在一家餐馆,游客可以走在巴黎,然后得到真正的法国大菜);
  7. VTA: Hotels/SPAs (placed in a hotel lobby, travelers can take a spa and have a nap or overnight stay); VTA酒店/温泉 (放在酒店大堂里,旅行者可以做个 spa,和打个盹或一夜之间留);
  8. VTA: Wars/Adventure (before playing the video games, the players can get a tour in war zones, or a virtual bus tour in Safari Park); VTA战争冒险 (之前玩视频游戏,玩家可以在战区,旅游或虚拟巴士游览野生动物园);
  9. VTA: Online Shops (selling software/hardware on VR, AR, MR) I collected a lot of research materials, We will "teleport" you to Marriott Hotels via Oculos Gateway >>> VTA在线商店 (出售 VR,AR,先生的软件/硬件) 我收集了很多的研究资料,我们将"传送"你通过 Oculos 网关的万豪酒店; 
  10. VTA Club Membership: Like China's golf clubs, VTA has to be a privilege/exclusive expensive club.  Due to time/comfort, the members can resume their travels in multiple "trips" or access the data from home. VTA俱乐部会员 ︰ 就像中国的高尔夫俱乐部,腹侧被盖区就是特权或独家新闻贵俱乐部。 由于时间与安慰,成员可以恢复他们在多个"旅行"的旅行,或在家中访问数据。

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